Dimple plates integrated in thermal processes

Fluid mechanics and dimple plates

The flexible design of the dimple plates allows tempering of products during other process steps. Most noteworthy, our daily business applies the optimization of flow pathes inside and outside of custom-made thermal dimple plates. Heat Exchange surfaces are calculated due to each process application individually. Above all, we focus on applied thermal processes in order to extend the normal standard. Necessarily, all of them are designed and tuned to the optimum transition of the heat flow rate by minimal pressure loss. Dimple plates  fullfill a better mechanical resistance according thermal cycling.

Dimple Plate electropolished

Single and double embossed dimple plates

Each dimple plate specified, may be a single or double embossed dimple plate  or a single embossed laser-welded dimple jacket tank wall. All embossed plates consist of two stainless or mild steel plates laser-welded or resistance welded togehter. These plates are expanded until the desired and calculated channel height. The channel height describe the maximum space between the two welded together steel plates. Favourable temperature differences direct at the process media result in a much better efficiency compared to compact external heat exchangers. Our know-how integrates into all products in whatever industry or project case specified and offered. The decisive factor is the sum of many individual details of the production engineering design, which enables us to achieve the estimated customer benefit. The costs and the economic efficiency of heat exchangers (Author is Head of our R&D department) are in the foreground.

Dimple plates, laserwelding and used materials

All laser or seam rolled welded dimple plates are an integral part of heating or cooling an industrial manufacturing process. Therefor they do function as heating or cooling dimple plates. Decisive for the welding of the dimple plates is the laser welding or roll seam welding method. After all, the integration of the market leader Trumpf GmbH + Co. KG is decisive for us in laser welding technology. Of course this is a high guarantee for the extraordinary welding quality of our manufactured dimple plates. Even though laser welding technology is the most modern production method for dimple plate heat exchangers, there are many applications in which resistance welding offers technical and qualitative advantages.

Materials used, are mainly stainless steel as to be AISI 304 up to titanium.  Stainless steel’s low thermal conductivity is partially counteracted with the ability to design thinner walls, because of its high strength and corrosion resistance. As where carbon steel in the process fields, is mostly selected due to higher thermal conductivity.


Dimple plate stainless steel connections

Dimple plates in today’s worldwide industries

Hence projects of various branches in many different industries worldwide start with an individual consultation. Decisive for the success of the project, is the professional exchange about the details and requirements of the project. Of course, this always happens in close cooperation with the user in order to work out the optimal solution. Conciliatory tempering of foods, carrier platforms for drying or frying, vibration transport channels. The process and design execution is absolutely flexible. In focus is a very homogeneous temperature gradient, product-gentle and conciliatory tempering of products using liquids, refrigerant or steam as internal plate media.

Core business dimple plates

Furthermore precise analysis is the aim of offering a tailored solution of dimple plates to customer needs. They are basically designed and thought out advantageous. Above all, our aim is to support our customers in the planning, calculation and integration of the specified and offered dimple plate product. Of course, this is targeted in each case on the product efficiency and reliability of the particular application. Consequently, there are no interfaces and associated risks for our customers.

Behind all these solutions are our employees with their expertise in process engineering and extensive experience. Finally Heat Transfer Technology AG targets with optimized thermodynamic calculations the highest product efficiency in the customer’s application. Almost all areas of application are varied, but the solution approached is subject to the decades of experience and know-how in fluid mechanics. It mainly results in optimized flow pathes inside and outside of custom-made single or double embossed dimple plates or dimple plate heat exchanger systems today and into the future.

Customer questions and use cases for thermal process technology:

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We have always assimilated engineering science and thermodynamics optimally in the various manufacturing processes.

Thermodynamicists,mechanical engineers and welding engineers define the dimensioning, design and construction of customised heat exchanger panels and systems in materials ranging from mild and austenitic steels through to titanium, and ensure successful distribution of their work worldwide.

In doing so they fall back on production engineering expertise and calculations developed in the course of the past hundred years that are still being continuously optimised in an ongoing process.

In the perception of our customers, the Buco product stands for:

  • Technical and process-oriented consulting
  • Thermodynamic efficiency
  • Quality and longevity

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