Industrial heat transfer technology solutions

Dimple plates are integral components used in many engineering projects due to their success in optimizing heat transfer efficiency in the field of fluid mechanics with their flexibility, cost-effectiveness, and more. We will dive engineers and consultants what a dimple plate is and why it has such an indispensable role within modern engineering design in order to to gain superior confidence when navigating the complex topic of dimple plates. Read on as we further explain how they bring significant value as part of your project's final structure.

Since the foundation of Heat Transfer Technology AG, priority has been given to the thermal calculation of industrial heat exchangers.  Correspondingly we profit out of our Know-how in fluid mechanics of dimple plates. Furthermore it is enforced by decades of practical experience in this field. As a result of optimized heat transfer and pressure loss calculation. Constructively as well as by manufacturing technology with dimples plate made of stainless steel or mild steel.

Decades of know-how

Professional qualification

Energy savings