Sven-Olaf Klüe

General Manager

Sven-Olaf Klüe has been working in the field of design, manufacture and applications of pillow plate heat exchangers worldwide for 27 years. For the past 15 years, he has focused specifically on the process-related applications of pillow plate heat exchangers in industrial applications.

Cooling meat processing industry

Use of BUCO crushed ice in the meat processing industry

We have made a name for ourselves in the meat processing industry with BUCO stainless steel crushed ice machines for quality and operating cost savings and have thus successfully contributed to customers securing or improving their market position by reducing costs in their process and still guaranteeing or increasing the quality of their products.

Far too often, day-to-day business is subject to the individual problems of the manufacturing process. A strategic orientation of the company does not seem necessary in some cases because sufficient profits are still being made or profits have just been increased, in other cases the situation is unexpectedly exacerbated in the short term by the current price pressure in the industry.

While the meetings in the companies with sufficient or increasing profits are still relaxed, the meetings of the companies under pressure are sharper, technology as well as the finance department agree that savings have to be made. The red pencil is applied, whereby it remains questionable whether the decided savings in the field of ice machines do not also result in qualitative disadvantages of the product. However, in the world of globalisation, it is true for all the companies described that local or international competition increases prices and the pressure in day-to-day business rises steadily.

A primary aspect, which is all too often ignored, is the constant optimisation of processes in all companies, regardless of rising, stagnating or falling profits or momentary losses. Processes and ice qualities should be questioned in the selection of ice machines. Subjective assessments, as in the case of crushed ice quality or use, should be objectively discussed and proven, because an approach that is not even put up for discussion, as it is only perceived to a limited extent or not at all in the market, but which would be immediately realisable if a specific manufacturer were chosen in the field of ice machines, is the following.

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While flake ice machines generally evaporate at -25 to -30°C due to their design, they require twice as much electrical energy to produce ice as Buco ice machines, which operate at -8 to -10°c evaporation temperature. Here is an example of a meat processing company that previously worked with flake ice and has now switched to Buco crushed ice due to the advantages mentioned above.

Today it produces 30 tonnes of crushed ice per day with an electrical energy consumption of 50 KW. At an energy price of 11 Ct/ KWh, this means costs of 132 euros per day. The comparable flake ice plant previously required 102 KW of electrical energy for the same amount of ice per day, i.e. it cost 269 euros per day. This means that the meat processing plant now saves 137 euros per day with Buco crushed ice. Extrapolated to a business year, this results in savings of 34,250 euros for crushed ice production alone out of the manufacturing BUCO Ice Machines, which could be used for further investments or reported as process-optimised profit.

Further some main advantages of our ice machines:

  • Industrial ice machine with half the power consumption due to high evaporation temperatures
  • Chip Ice Machine has no mechanical scraper as spare part
  • Industrial Ice machines made entirely of stainless steel, mandatory for the meat processing industry
  • Industrial Ice makers with Ideal ice temperature with -0.5 ° C, hardly undercooled
  • Industrial ice machines with no sharp flake ice edges, ideal for the meat processing industry
  • Industrial Flake ice does not freeze during storage due to the high ice temperature -0.5 ° C
  • Industrial Ice makers with adjustable Flake Ice thickness and chip piece size
  • Ice machines with minimal refrigerant content


Due to its large surface area, BUCO crushed ice has an ideal structure for chopping in the mincer and mixer. The cooling effect is excellent due to its temperature close to the freezing point of -0.5°C. As the Buco ice out of our Buco ice makers is not too hard, the cutter knives do not become blunt so quickly. The ice spreads quickly in the cutter and does not form lumps. While flake ice, in the experience of our customers, often has too low a temperature, it is not yet completely melted at the end of the process. Valuable energy is given away uselessly.

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