Sven-Olaf Klüe

General Manager

Sven-Olaf Klüe has been working in the field of design, manufacture and applications of pillow plate heat exchangers worldwide for 27 years. For the past 15 years, he has focused specifically on the process-related applications of pillow plate heat exchangers in industrial applications.

Pasta cooling

BUCO Falling Film Water Chillers in use for cooling cooked pasta products

The ice water temperature of 0.5°C of our falling film chiller as heat exchanger is the optimal medium for pre-cooling cooked pasta products. Our falling film chillers as water chillers support you in the use of your process in processing cooked pasta. The falling film chiller has its high performance and added value due to high heat transfer coefficients (up to 2000 W/m² K), easy cleaning possibility through smooth stainless steel surfaces, cleaning during operation without loss of performance, as well as the respective hygiene requirements, as they are completely made of stainless steel.

What are Industrial Water Chillers?

The process requires that noodles are cooled down to a temperature of 4 °C as quickly as possible after the cooking process. The problem was to find the right chiller solution according to the hygiene regulations. The water comes into direct contact with the cooked pasta. Therefore, stainless steel was the top requirement for this application. The noodles run over a conveyor belt and are cooled before they are moved to the drying line.

Why a Water Chiller? How Does a Water Chiller System Work?

Because the water contained small particles from the pasta production, the open falling film chiller was the ideal solution for this purpose. The water is cooled down to 2 °C, but it can also be brought down to 0.5 °C. All refrigerants can be used to cool the water down to 0.5 °C. The water can also be cooled with glycol on the inside of the Falling Film Plates as requirement from the refrigeration side.

Additional water chiller requirements of the customer were: 

  • Water cooling by industrial pasta water chillers down to 0.5°C ice water temperature.
  • Open system, cleaning possible of these pasta water chillers at any time even during operation, thus optimal hygiene.
  • Product particles in the warm return water do not lead to freezing. There are no inaccessible corners and angles that make cleaning difficult.
  • Icing due to irregularities in the compressor cannot cause mechanical deformation of these cooling water chillers 
  • Simple ice water system, no seals, no spare parts, i.e. no additional costs due to running times.
  • Minimal cleaning effort due to self-cleaning effect of the plates in these pasta cooling ice water chillers due to constantly falling water film
  • Can be easily installed above any industrial pasta cooling assembly line.
  • All parts made of stainless steel. Complies with all industrial pasta cooling hygiene standards worldwide.
  • easy cleaning possibility
  • cleaning possible during temperature cooling operation, i.e. no loss of performance
  • very powerful heat transfer 
  • Food-grade type refrigeration design (completely made of stainless steel)
  • No risk of freezing with ice water cooling used of 0.5 ° C
  • Industrial water refrigeration chiller with low cost per kWh and optimal heat transfer in the pasta processing lines
  • High efficiency, low pressure drop of this industrial water chiller
  • Easy access to the open system of the industrial water cooling heat exchanger
  • Easy to clean this industrial water cooling heat exchanger
  • Cleaning during operation possible with this industrial bakery water heat exchanger
  • Low tendency to fouling cooling of this industrial refrigeration heat exchanger
  • No seals in this industrial water cooling chiller
  • No destruction of the apparatus in case of ice formation of this industrial water cooling heat exchanger
  • Simplicity of control of this industrial cooling heat exchanger
  • Enclosed design prevents product contamination of this industrial water cooling heat exchanger
  • Special cooling heat exchanger versions as industrial ice water chillers possible