Dimple Jacket

Laser-welded dimple jacket advantages:

  • High heat transfer coefficient with low pressure drop.
  • No expensive double shell or half pipe construction.
  • Less weight than half pipes.
  • Low production costs due to automated welding processes.
  • Low material costs due to the use of thin metal sheet materials.
  • No surface damage on the inside of the tank due to the laser-welding process.
  • No cost effective grinding or polishing of the inner surface of the tank inside in case of dimple plates.
  • Homogenous and conciliatory tempering of products using dimple plates.
  • Long lifetime due to individually choosen materials.
  • Welding contours of pillow plates freely programmable.
  • Any design possible according to application criteria or demand.
  • Kind of weldings for dimple plates free programmable. Cut-outs for pipes, legs. etc.
  • Integration into vessels for mechanical and thermal double function.
  • Smaller quantities of refrigerant or heating medium due to small plate volumes of dimple plates.
  • Clamp-on plates for existing tanks.
  • Reliability.

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