Refrigeration technology

Heat Transfer Technology AG to a large extent takes care of the thermal calculation of dimple plate heat exchanger and systems for the refrigeration technology. Accordingly, plants are designed with the lowest refrigerant content and the highest possible evaporation temperature . This is realized in form of optimized heat transfer and pressure loss calculation in refrigeration technology. However, the cost and economic efficiency of these heat exchangers (author is head of our R&D department) are top priority.

Basically, the calculation is a combination of our know-how and our experience and knowledge in this area. This is always focussed in each specific application for our customers and results highly efficient with lowest possible electricity costs of each project. Overall, this has a positive effect on the ongoing investment costs of a calendar year. Ultimately, these lower costs, as they are aswell a low costs of ownership, are a positive element in the overall cost of the end product due to energy savings. The customer benefits from the acquisition of a highly economical and compact stainless steel product and can stabilize or even expand his market position.

In particular, tasks such as the problems of fluctuating water volumes or irregularities in the operation of the existing refrigeration unit, are everyday tasks of our customers and detailed exchanged with us. We take these tasks seriously and this encourages our customer to purchase our service as an expert in refrigeration technolgy matters. But that’s not all, the necessary equipment is an efficient part of the overall system. Thus, the customer also appreciates our manufacturer qualities and facilities as to be combined with our refrigeration skills.

Customer questions and use cases for refrigeration:

We have always assimilated engineering science and thermodynamics optimally in the various manufacturing processes.

Thermodynamicists,mechanical engineers and welding engineers define the dimensioning, design and construction of customised heat exchanger panels and systems in materials ranging from mild and austenitic steels through to titanium, and ensure successful distribution of their work worldwide.

In doing so they fall back on production engineering expertise and calculations developed in the course of the past hundred years that are still being continuously optimised in an ongoing process.

In the perception of our customers, the Buco product stands for:

  • Technical and process-oriented consulting
  • Thermodynamic efficiency
  • Quality and longevity