BUCO Industrial ice maker machine

for Chip Ice - BUCO Ice Pack

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Application fields

Industrial chilling with peak loads
  • Production of food
  • Dairies
  • Breweries
  • Production of soft drinks
Chilling in the production of
  • Concrete
  • Chemicals
  • Pharmaceuticals
Application and benefit
  • Consumable ice for direct cooling of products
  • Increasing of cooling effect by direct contact with ice


The efficiency of the dynamic ice making is based on the big evaporator surface, which allows much more efficient evaporation temperatures compared to other systems that use small evaporator drums and mechanical scraper.

Drum systems work with evaporation temperatures between -20°C and -30°C.

The BUCO-Ice Pack works between -8 and -10 °C. That saves energy for electrical drives and allows to make ice for about half the price.


30 to ice/day, Price for electricity: 0,15 €/kWh el

Running costs at -30 °C - Drum system
324 €/day or 11 € / to ice

running costs at -10 °c BUCO Ice Pack:
173 €/day or 6 € / to ice

Savings: 151 € / day
For 300 days production: 45.300,- € / year savings of electricity costs!


  • Low running costs:
    • Low electric consumption due to high evaporation temperature
  • Ice maker in stainless steel completely
  • Durability
  • Reliability
  • Chip ice – some cm big:
    • Ideal ice temperature of -0,5°C, not subcooled
    • Dull edges
    • Suitable for sensitive products
    • No clogging of ice when stored
    • Long lasting cooling effect
    • Steplessly adjustable size of ice chips

Design and Dimensions

Compakt - System 2,5 0,8 2,3
System type A 2,5 1,0 3,3
System type B 2,5 2,5 3,3
(without refrigeration, including separator and crusher )


  • Chip ice, not subcooled, no sharp edges
  • 10 bis 60 to ice/day (or 400 to 2500 kg/h)
  • Refrigerating power 40 to 250 kW
  • Ready to plug or for local refrigeration units
  • Evaporator for all refrigerants, pump- or dx-mode
  • Stainless steel completely

Ice Harvesting:

When the ice falls from the evaporator, it breaks to pieces which pass a separator for water.

Afterwards the ice is crushed to small pieces by using a rotating ice crusher:

The crushed ice falls downwards below the ice maker on the whole length of the system and is ready for transport to any industrial process via conveyor belt or a screw conveyor. The exit height may be adjusted by a scaffold.

The size of the ice pieces and the ice thickness can be preadjusted steplessly

Ice Making:

Ice is frozen on vertical evaporator panels and forms a thin layer of ice, which keeps the resistance of heat conductivity always at a low level. Normally the ice thick is 6 – 8 mm, but it can be adjusted steplessly from 3 to 15 mm depen ding on the application. After some minutes of building up ice, an automatic plc system will give a signal for hot gas injection for some seconds in order to split off the ice.
“BUCOdelot Falling Film ice makers for more than 20 years.”
“More than 200 BUCOdelot ice makers in operation.“