Do you need to cool foods with high hygienic requirements as quickly as possible?

You want to cool food close to freezing? This should be done as quickly as possible and still without freezing damage?
Then the use of ice water at 0.5 ° C, so that the product never freezes and the choice of our open falling film chiller ideal or even the use of -0.5 ° C ice, manufactured by our industrial ice maker with adjustments.

Do you have high hygiene requirements?
Again, we recommend our open falling film chiller or an open industrial ice maker with adjustments

Need access at all times, without complex assembly, without seals?
For this purpose, our falling film chiller make sense, the water is reliably cooled to 0.5 ° C, without the risk of damage to the apparatus due to ice build-up.

You may have secondary refrigerants, such as glycols in use?
Ideally use our open falling film cooler or an open indutstrial ice maker with adjustments.

Falling film chilllers at installation

Industrial Plate Ice machines

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