The Company

Continuously optimised design programs for thermotechnical and pressure loss calculations indicate whether it is better to use electric resistance welding or the latest in modern laser welding methods to offer the best panel solution for our customers in terms of quality and price.

Even if laser welding represents the most modern production method for heat exchange panels, our broad experience shows that there are still many applications for which resistance welding offers technical and qualitative advantages.

As a recognised specialist manufacturer, BUCO combines the competence of both welding methods.

We keep our word in customer relations and assume responsibility. We treat process and project data entrusted to us confidentially and thus observe the rules of the trade.

By continuously integrating the latest production technologies and steadily expanding our engineering and fabrication experience, we are able to respond to the progressive requirements of our customers and thus help secure their position in the market.

Our staff have a vision. It is their undaunted will to improve and to solve all application-specific customer tasks.
Our wealth of process experience is pooled in a database that can be tapped selectively to resolve complex applications and successfully finalise customer projects.

Reliability is the guarantee for trust and confidence. Trust in quality and performance, and confidence in collaboration in a spirit of partnership shaped by our customer-driven approach.

For us, independence not only means remaining objective, but also thinking and acting in an enterprise culture that makes a major contribution to securing the future of our customers.

Our profession is our passion. We aim to prepare our customers already today for the demands of tomorrow's markets.

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