Thermal dimple plates

Thermal dimple plates – Modular Heat transfer by heat exchange plates instead of tubes

Each of our products contain a process individualized thermal dimple plate design. Individual in measurement, shape and material, it allows a flexible use in many industries. Similarly our goal is that in a certain series of production, the tendency for individual pieces remains pronounced. As a result, hardly any thermal dimple plate or heat exchange system is identical. Always in coordination due to necessary manufacturing details suitable for their application and their industrial sector.

Dimple plate stainless steel welding edges

Core competence and decades of experience with thermal dimple plates

Consequently, we also agree with the producer, the refrigeration company, the plant operator or refrigeration plant builder. Thus, each thermal dimple plates may be a thermal dimple plate heat exchanger, or a laser-welded dimple jacket or pressure vessel wall, which specifies an entire product. As result, several thermal dimple plates in combination, form a heat exchange system. These heat exchangers may be a heat exchange system , an ice water generating falling-film chiller, a static ice bank or an industrial ice maker. They could be installed in a stainless steel housing to function as a closed system or with an insulated stainless steel tank. Stainless steel tanks under the units mainly as process ice water reservoir.

Mainly our special know-how is combined with the experience of several thousand built-in thermal dimple plates in apparatus. Primarily we are focussed on the following core competences :

  • Tailor-made Heat Exchange Systems, if regular and easy cleaning are required
  • Heating or cooling by tailor-made single heat transfer panels
  • Heat recovery with Heat Exchange Systems from polluted water
  • Process water cooling (0.5°C) near freezing point
  • Direct food cooling near freezing point with ice water (0.5 ° C)
  • Energetical innovative system solutions for direct cooling by ice water and chip ice
  • Thermal Plate ice storage for the food and dairy industry

Dimple plate double embossed design

Analysis and elaboration of dimple plate solutions in industrial processes

In a first step, we specify the exact plant data together with the customer. We inspect the installation details and system plans, measurement diagrams, as well as detailed design drawings. Through these insights, we answer the questions about the application and the requirements of the application or the application as such. As a result, if necessary, we also collect accurate performance and consumption data over a period of time.

Then, in a second step, we evaluate all collected data by our experts. Accordingly, the customer receives our assessment on his project data. Especially with regard to optimizing the efficiency of the specified thermal dimple plate. Also with regard to operational safety and potential energy savings, we give our recommendations. As a result of our analysis, the idea of ​​the solution concept of the thermal dimple plate in question and its design takes place. Of course, we also look after and accompany the customer after delivery of the manufactured thermal dimple plate or thermal dimple plate heat exchange system. There is a need for this in many cases, especially with regard to further optimization of product efficiency or operational safety. Necessarily, the mostly laser-welded thermal dimple plate and its specification of installation is detected and successfully targeted. The main focus is on the optimal efficiency of the dimple plate (author is head of our R&D department) with respect to the guided pathes of the immersion dimple plates.

Of course, highest plant and energy efficiency are becoming increasingly important. These can only be successfully achieved, if the plant or product concept, as well as the fluid medium of the thermal dimple plate are carefully and purposefully selected and used. In the change of numerous, alternative refrigerants, these fluids have to meet the future requirements from any ecological point of view. However, our primary task is to specify end products, which achieve high efficiency and high energy efficiency with good economy (author is head of our R&D department).

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