Heat Transfer Technology AG

Our special position in the market is due to the fact that we have always assimilated engineering science and thermodynamics optimally in the various manufacturing processes.

Thermodynamicists,mechanical engineers and welding engineers define the dimensioning, design and construction of customised heat exchanger panels and systems in materials ranging from mild and austenitic steels through to titanium, and ensure successful distribution of their work worldwide.

In doing so they fall back on production engineering expertise and calculations developed in the course of the past hundred years that are still being continuously optimised in an ongoing process.

Our BUCO products are not a simplified copy, but the "original". These originals have a long way of development and optimization behind, which is why they are appreciated in the international markets from our customers.

In the perception of our customers, the Buco produkt stands for:
  • Thermodynamic efficiency
  • Quality and longevity
  • Technical and process-oriented consulting

Buco products have kept their market position stable for over 100 years. Form your own opinion on our technical know-how and services - talk to our engineers!

BUCO Dimple Plates made of Stainless Steel or Carbon Steel

Dimple Plates Dimple Plates : manufacturing

BUCO Tankwalls manufactured of Heat Exchange Panels

Tankwalls Tankwalls : manufacturing

BUCO Falling Film Chiller

Falling Film Chiller Falling Film Chiller : Animation of function BUCO delot falling-film™ BWP

BUCO Industrial ice maker machine

industrial-ice-maker-machine Industrial ice maker machine : Animation of function BUCO delot ice-pack™ IP

BUCO Ice Bank Silo

Ice Bank Silo Ice Bank Silo : Animation of function

BUCO Industrial Ice bank

Industrial Ice bank Industrial Ice bank : Animation of function BUCO delot ice-chill™ BIC